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Volunteers help with essential tree work

We were very grateful to welcome some regular volunteers at one of our plantations recently.

The hardworking volunteers were tasked with helping to remove tree shelters from growing trees. The trees have been protected from the elements and from wildlife for over 20 years but it was time to release them as they were outgrowing their cloaks. This essential tree work is part of their ongoing care.

A man sorting wooden stakes and plastic tree shelters into dumpy bags.
Collecting and sorting used tree shelters ready for recycling.

Heathpatch have joined Tubex's Tree Shelter Recycling Programme, which will ensure that the 100s of shelters that we collect each year will be responsibly disposed of.

5 people stood next to a dumpy bag of collected used tree shelters.
HEAT members helping with much needed tree care.

Our sincere thanks to (L-R) Chris, Chris, Austin, Nick and Jane, members of Hadleigh Environmental Action Team (HEAT), who carry out very valuable work in the local area on various projects. Read about their work and get involved:


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