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Trees and Hedges

Tree planting has continued apace since the planting of Calves Wood with approximately 48,000 trees planted in the last few years. Video of tree planting on the farm in 2021.

However, our commitment to conservation is not just shown in how many trees are planted but the care taken to ensure they grow. Hadleigh’s amazing HEAT team of volunteers regularly help us clear tree guards of mud and ants, and identify any dead saplings that need replacing.

We were very pleased to win two UK government contracts in 2020 under the Woodland Carbon Code to sell carbon units generated (or CO2 captured) in our tree planting programmes.

We were also proud to support the nationwide initiative created to mark the Platinum Jubilee, and our young workers helped us plant a Cherry Tree sapling for the Queen's Green Canopy.

Hedges are vital corridors for wildlife and an ancient part of the landscape. Over nearly 30 years Heathpatch have planted approximately 35km of hedgerows, including along old parish boundaries. Parish boundaries are pieces of history in the fields, having been around for hundreds of years and used to carry the historic tradition of Beating the Bounds (see St Martin in the Fields website for more information)

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