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Heathpatch Ltd was formed in 1997 as a reinvestment relief company, to invest in farmland as a distinct separate entity to land already owned and farmed by the Buckle family.

Brian and Gill Buckle first purchased farmland at Dairy Farm, Semer in 1973 with some 120 acres. They then moved to Dairy Farm in 1976. Brian’s business was Ellis and Buckle Ltd, a Loss Adjuster, and he commuted to London daily. Gill’s family business was Palmer and Harvey Ltd, a tobacco and confectionery wholesaler. Over the next ten years the farm continued to expand with debt finance.

In 1986 Brian sold Ellis and Buckle Ltd to Rutland Trust enabling him to retire and to re-finance the farming operation. In 1988 Gill’s family sold Palmer and Harvey Ltd to a management buyout, allowing the farming operation to continue to expand with the eventual creation of Heathpatch Ltd.

Heathpatch has continued to expand, buying adjacent land as it has come onto the open market. It also purchased the original farms, from the Family, in return for shares. In 1990 James Buckle returned to Suffolk and took over the running of the farm

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