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Renewable Energy

Heathpatch is committed to managing waste and creating renewable energy across its companies.

A subsidiary of Heathpatch, Global Machinery Solutions Limited was created back in 1985 and sold shredders for recycling tyres.

The farm at Heathpatch started installing solar panels in 2012 and the Heathpatch Group plan to install these on sites at Camden Boss, Mildenhall and Long Bennington, Grantham. The energy generated is used on site and any surplus is exported to the grid.

We are also looking at moving over to electric vehicles where possible and Global Machinery is leading the way with the electric forklift.  EV charging points are already in some sites across the Group and The Bildeston Crown has these ready and waiting for customers of its restaurant. 

Material Change Limited run a growing network of Anaerobic Digestion plants across East Anglia. These AD sites generate 9.4MW of electrical output and over 1,900m³/hour of cleaned gas into the national grid. This is enough electricity to power 28,500 homes – or 68,000 residents based on 2.4 per home. It also runs green waste recycling facilities at Creeting St Mary in Suffolk, Decoy Farm in Lincolnshire, Faldo Farm in Bedfordshire, Haynes in Bedfordshire, Helmdon in Northamptonshire and Maids Morton in Buckinghamshire.

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