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Nedging Hall - Venue for Corporate Events

Updated: Apr 19

Just an hour from London, Nedging Hall is a great option for a corporate retreat. The Hall is able to accommodate up to 22 guests so you will have the house and all the grounds to yourselves, and with it, a seamless experience for corporate activities.

Nedging Hall feels homely yet special. Situated in a serene location within the Suffolk countryside and with acres of gardens and parkland, it provides an inspiring

tranquil location that is conducive to professional corporate events as well as relaxation.

Read their blog post and explore their website:

A long dining table with 25 diners on the lawn in front of large 3 storey hall with pink walls, white bay window frames and tall elegant chimneys.
Dining Outside at Nedging Hall
Indoor swimming pool, wood framed ceiling, red brick walls.  Loungers around the side with towels folded neatly.
The indoor pool at Nedging Hall


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