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CamdenBoss acquire Cogent Technology

In a thrilling development, we are pleased to announce that CamdenBoss have acquired Cogent Technology, solidifying Cogent's inclusion in the Heathpatch Group. This strategic collaboration seamlessly aligns cutting-edge technology with innovative encasement solutions, creating a powerful synergy that enhances hardware integration and real-world problem-solving capabilities. 

CamdenBoss and Cogent Technology shake hands

Cogent Technology, a renowned British PCBA manufacturer and device builder, has established itself as a leader in serving diverse markets, particularly in medical, electric vehicle (EV), and scientific applications. This strategic integration positions Cogent alongside CamdenBoss, reinforcing their joint commitment to addressing multi-market challenges and applications. 

Operating from Mildenhall and Felixstowe, CamdenBoss and Cogent Technology will continue their operations independently. However, this acquisition is set to amplify capital investment and open doors for collaborative opportunities across markets. 

Nigel Slator, Managing Director of Cogent Technology, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am delighted we have been able to join forces with CamdenBoss. There are many synergies between our businesses, and the underpinning of the wider group will support our aspirations to continue the growth ambitions we set when we relocated and upscaled our manufacturing site to Felixstowe in 2020.” 

Charles Course, CEO of CamdenBoss, shared his excitement, saying, “The addition of Cogent Technology to our Portfolio is hugely exciting for us and the wider group. We look forward to working with the management team to deliver on the ambitions of Cogent Technology and their client base.” 

The shared values between both companies further fortify the offerings for customers. As the partnership progresses, CamdenBoss will keep its stakeholders informed with regular updates on their collaborative endeavours. 

To explore more about Cogent Technology, visit their website: 


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