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Winning Electronics Enclosure from CamdenBoss (It's just a box)

Banner showing 2 black boxes

CamdenBoss tasked their team with demonstrating what makes their Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure special.

From every angle it's just a box...

3 stacks of white, grey and black boxes of different sizes.

But inside it has unique features that sets it apart from the competition. They serve to create a flexible, highly functional, premium quality product.

Internal features of the box.

The modern look, textured finish and smooth internal walls mean that the Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure is also easily customisable on all sides, making it a winning electronics enclosure. CamdenBoss can create machine cutouts, digital print or even engrave them.

But it's still just a box....

What did the team come up with to prove its worth..? This 1 minute video achieves their mission:

The time saving is evident and potentially huge with multiple boxes to assemble.

The Easy Assembly Electronics Enclosure clearly won in this informal in-house contest but the industry likes it too. It also won the prestigious 'Enclosure Product of the Year' at the 2023 Electronic Industry Awards.

Proud Winner of The Electronics Industry Awards 2023

And it doesn't look too bad for a box...

3 boxes black, grey and white.

More details on the CamdenBoss website or explore their YouTube Channel for more videos.


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