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Nedging Hall - The Ultimate Corporate Event Venue

Look at this! What a gorgeous place this is. It's available for mid-week corporate 'getaways'.

Do you need somewhere special to bring your key staff for brainstorming your company's future? Or a few nights reward for a job well done. Nedging Hall is ready to welcome them.

A morning walk in the beautiful gardens to inspire them for the day ahead, a few hours in the dual Dining Room / Board Room, a swim and sauna or a game of tennis to invigorate the body, followed by an evening relaxing in one of the sumptuous lounges or a billiards tournament upstairs. Retire to a comfortable bedroom to get up in the morning and do it all again.

Just an hour from London, Nedging Hall provides the perfect backdrop for your company's events. From celebrations and team-building, to photo shoots and product launches, Nedging Hall is the ultimate corporate event venue.

Large house set amongst trees and lawns.
The hall and spacious gardens.

Dining room with long dining table and chairs.
Dual purpose Dining Room / Board Room

Blue swimming pool in timber-framed building.  Windows to all sides.
Timber-framed salt water pool and sauna

Aerial view of a tennis court amongst trees.
Aerial view of the tennis court

Lounge with 2 sofas, other chairs, pictures and french doors out to the garden.
Comfortable sofas to relax and recharge.

Billiards table in large room with sofa and fireplace beyond.
Billliards Room offering opportunities for extra-curricular friendly tournaments


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